Our Principles

Photo: H. Postma

Wadden Sea World Heritage Site education and interpretation, at both the national and trilateral level, shall

  • convey the Wadden Sea's Outstanding Universal Value

  • stress the entity of ONE Wadden Sea, while respecting and highlighting the various characteristica of three countries, individual regions or islands (including cultural).

  • promote trans-boundary and trans-disciplinary cooperation and collaborative learning among multipliers.

  • build on leaving network of comitted local partners.

  • provide multi sensory, playful, collaborative, intercultural, and accessible learning experiences according to the principles of education for sustainable development.

  • raise positive attitudes towards a sense of common World Heritage ownership based on pride, ownership, identification with and responsibility for the joint natural and cultural heritage.

  • empower individuals to reflect on their own actions and role in the protection of the Wadden Sea WHS and of environmental and nature protection in general.

  • seek to implement all activities professionally, sustainably, and cost-effectively.

  • contribute to the protection of the Wadden Sea and support the legal conservation targets, as well as the guiding principle – agreed upon by the Trilateral Wadden Sea Cooperation – to “achieve, as far as possible, a natural and sustainable ecosystem in which natural processes proceed in an undisturbed way”.